Maintenance management from the cloud

We scan buildings with drones
and provide real estate data through our smart application

Using drones and sensors to visualize current condition

Condition measurements and 3D sizing directly in the browser

MJOP and condition measurements in accordance with NEN-2767

Export for drafting, BIM and external analysis

Data management

We produce up-to-date data and deliver this data securely and quickly via our cloud application Aespect. Thus, we make real estate available digitally and it is possible to quickly visualize it in 3D. The digital real estate is easily shared with clients and inspectors to generate essential information.

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Inspection and measurements

With Aespect, you convert digital datasets and 3D models into crucial maintenance information. To this end, we have developed tools that enable digital 3D measurements and the recording of points of interest on photographs. These measurements and points of interest can be combined with inspection forms to generate data for an up-to-date and complete maintenance database.

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Maintenance planning

With Aespect you convert the inspection results into a maintenance planning and budget (MJOP/MJOB). You develop one or more scenarios with which you can immediately see the effect on your planning and budget. This can include aspects, priorities and risks, or what are the consequences of not solving defects? As soon as new data arrives in which a new or degraded defect is recorded, this immediately results in a different condition score. Planning and budget are automatically adjusted and new information from monitoring can easily be added and processed. Data quality thus continues to improve continuously.

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Looking for high quality imagery?

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Drone capabilities Aespect software

Put data to work for risk management

Aeroscan provides the solution for digitally capturing and monitoring objects and environments. In Aespect, we publish virtual assets through our 3D GIS web viewer, link photography and infrared data to 3D locations on the virtual asset, and detect points of interest using artificial intelligence. Our customers validate detected points of interest and add their own data to perform a full condition measurement up to an MJOB.

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Real Estate

Several companies are already using Aeroscan

For example, housing corporation KleurrijkWonen digitized 5500 homes and processed the maintenance conditions via Aespect, the digitization of the Rijksmuseum provided new insights for the managers, and the maintenance of the Bonifacius Church was made easier and transparent using our software. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Aeroscan?

Aeroscan provides digital property models that can be used to perform maintenance inspections in Aespect. Aespect is a web application that allows you to perform a complete inspection workflow digitally through the browser. Aespect supports imagery and 3D data from various sources such as drones, mobile devices and laser scanners. Aespect visualizes these on a 3D map layer in real time. Using inspection forms, points of interest are identified and you can take digital measurements.

All data stored in Aespect can be shared with stakeholders. The findings and measurement data are automatically processed into a maintenance schedule. Users can enter their own cost figures and calculate budgets. From a single photo to the maintenance program for an entire acreage, Aespect facilitates the entire inspection workflow for maintenance and management in the cloud.

Who is Aespect for?

Aespect is designed to be a connecting factor between different stakeholders in maintenance processes of physical assets such as buildings, infrastructure and structures. The primary users are inspectors who analyze digital measurement data and photography from their expertise to identify defects. To perform their analyses, the inspector or consultant can activate supported roles to perform digital measurements. Once the maintenance information is produced, Aespect provides an effective way to share the planning and reporting directly over the Internet with a client or asset manager. For the execution of maintenance and renovation work, subcontractors can be invited by the manager of an organizational account to effectively inform them about the context of the work.

Why choose Aespect?

An image not only says more than a thousand words, but it can also prevent thousands of dollars in unnecessary costs. Aespect uses drones, cameras and 3D scanning to create a realistic, geometrically and geographically accurate 3D model of each asset. The strength of Aespect is the easy sharing of maintenance information around these digital assets. This maintenance information is always objectively substantiated with detailed visual evidence and reliable measurements. The resulting maintenance plans are dynamic. This makes it possible to analyze different scenarios, without the need for multiple physical visits, and new data from monitoring can be easily implemented. Thus, Aespect creates a database for information, which functions as a central source of truth for chain partners within maintenance processes. The cloud architecture on which Aespect is developed is available 24/7 and allows for easy sharing of information. No programs need to be downloaded or installed. Just log into Aespect via your browser and get started.

Should I start working with Aespect differently?

Aespect's workflow is based on the standard method by which inspection processes are carried out. Namely, collecting data, processing data into information and reporting information for planning purposes. Within Aespect, this entire workflow is facilitated within the application environment. Working with Aespect therefore requires no more from the user than uploading data at the front end of the process, according to the required specifications. Based on the supplied data, the entire workflow is then executed in an environment. The user can be supported by our explanation videos and service desk. The only thing the user needs to bring is the right knowledge of the domain in which the inspection takes place. Aespect provides the rest.

How much time does an implementation take?

No programs need to be downloaded or installed. Just log into Aespect via browser and get started. In addition, we offer support to customers to help them get the best results from drones and laser scanning. We also offer workshops where we can train the entire workflow from data collection, analysis to maintenance planning.

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